Cardiff Polyphonic Choir

On 12th July 2014 the Children’s Choir combined with the prestigious Cardiff Polyphonic Choir in a performance, to a packed house at Caerphilly’s Wesley Methodist Church, of John Rutter’s “Mass of the Children”.

Earlier in the concert each choir showed the audience what they do best – choral singing of great integrity, skill, musicianship and variety. ┬áThe children sang with a beautiful, expressive tone and clarity of diction delivering a programme that included pieces by their conductor and accompanist.

Cardiff Polyphonic Choir, conducted by Neil Ferris, gave a virtuosic display of choral technique in a challenging yet highly entertaining programme of contemporary compositions culminating in the ravishingly beautiful “Sure on the Shining Night” by American composer Morten Lauridsen.

This was a concert that those present were only too glad that they had made the decision to attend!!